Yeti Name Quiz

Welcome to the yeti name quiz. The ape-like creatures are not only mythical, but also extremely interesting. The names of these animals are often derived from common names and other aspects of the person's personality. Taking the Yeti Name Quiz is a fun way to find out your yeti name. These printable signs are 8.5x11 inches and feature 300 DPI resolution. They are a fun way to celebrate the holiday season and get your guests involved.

The Yeti name comes from the first documented photographic appearance of the creature by British explorer, Eric Shipton, in 1951. This photo is now known as the "Rosetta Stone" of yeti lore. It was taken on the Menlung Glacier, west of Mount Everest on the Nepal-Tibet border. It was a popular expedition, led by British oilman Tom Slick, who later mounted several expeditions to the region. One of these expeditions took 6 months to climb the mountain, used 500 porters, and even brought bloodhounds to track the animal's scent.

The Daily Mail expedition is credited with the discovery of the Yeti, and the fame it gained in the world was immediate. This expedition fueled yeti fever and resulted in the creation of an entire genre of fiction based around this cryptid. The yeti's mythology has spawned multiple films, including the cult classic "The Abominable Snowman." It has been the subject of numerous Hollywood movies and TV shows, and is the subject of many books.

What is your Yeti Name?

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