Zaratan Name Quiz

Welcome to the zaratan name quiz. The last name Zaratan is a common surname, but the origin is obscure. The word means "giant fish" in Arabic. It is also used as the name for the giant elemental creature. Only one other entity is known to be able to communicate with a giraffe, and this is the Zaratan Oracle. Take this quiz to find out what kind of name you have.

Coastal Zaratan are the most common and the least dangerous. They are aquatic creatures with small rocky reefs on their shells. These animals snare large fish with their snapping maws. The giant Coastal Zaratan are land-dwellers and beach themselves on sand. The Oasis Zaratan are more dangerous, but are the only ones that can make land-dwellers fear them.

A Zaratan is a fish that symbolizes evil. This fish is known for its aggressive nature and should be kept in a tank. It is very difficult to catch and you should be careful when playing with it. The name Zaratan is derived from a phrase which means "the devil," which is a Latin word for evil. It is used in the English language to mean "evil."

The zaratan is a giant passive turtle that spends most of its time sleeping in the ocean. On the monster to fantasy-monster scale, it is a formidable foe. When attacked, it will retreat into its shell, rendering itself invulnerable to non-magical weapons. Once it is out of the shell, it will kick the attacker and take a long nap.

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