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Generate Zen Quotes with the original Zen Quote Generator. Every Zen Quote that is generated is totally unique right down to the name of the authentic-sounding Zen Master. You will never see the same quote twice with unlimited possibilities for a totally unique Zen Quote nobody has ever read before. Open your eyes to the endless possibilities of 100% unseen Zen Wisdom! You will have hours of fun creating insightful, thoughtful and sometimes humorous original Zen Quotes. Enlightenment guaranteed or your karma will be refunded!!

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Zen Quote Generator Overview

The AI technology behind the Zen Quote Generator seeds new and original Zen Quotes from a large database of existing Zen Masters. Our extensive knowledge of Zen Masters includes the wisdom of Baizhang Huaihai, Bodhidharma, Dahui Zonggao, Daman Hongren, Dayi Daoxin, Dazu Huike, and Faxian. What is produced from the Zen Generator is a totally original, profound and meaningful Zen Quote. Once the Zen Quote has been generated the generator then creates a fictitious but authentic-sounding Zen Master Name to attribute to quote to. We are constantly improving our Zen Quote generator which includes improving the accuracy and insightfulness of the generator and also sourcing more wisdom from ancient and modern zen masters.

How to Generate a Zen Quote

Generating new and original Zen Quotes is easy by simply hitting the Generate button until you have found the perfect zen quote for you. Use the Share button to copy the content to your clipboard on your device and you are ready to use the Zen Quote for any purpose you see fit. There is also a range of social media sharing options for getting your new and original Zen Quote out in the wild. We hope you enjoy creating new and profound zen content. Don't forget to spread the word and invite your friends to try out some original zen for themselves.

Zen Quote API

Do you want to have Zen Quote random content on your website, blog or app with our API? Check out the Zen Quote API

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