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This is the Charles Eisenstein Quote Generator. It is designed to allow you to automatically generate random quotes by Charles Eisenstein in a few seconds and share them with your friends and followers. Are you looking for a Charles Eisenstein Quote but don't know where to find it? Are you looking for something intriguing to share on social media or on your blog? Are you looking for an idea to inspire your next project or writing that will make someone change their life? Then look no further--Charles Eisenstein Quotes is here. This AI generator is enhanced with ChatGPT, and GPT-4. The Charles Eisenstein Quote Generator was Updated Jan-24-2024

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1.  Another way to look at it is that these efforts to protect a portion of the commonwealth raise the bottom to which we must fall before a transformation to a new world can crystallize. My use of the language of addiction recovery is deliberate. The dynamics of usury-money are addiction dynamics requiring an ever-greater dose (of the commons) to maintain normality converting more and more of the basis of well-being into money for a fix. If you have an addict friend it wont do any good to give her help of the usual kind such as money a car to replace the one she crashed or a job to replace the one she lost. All of those resources will just go down the black hole of addiction. So too it is with our politicians efforts to prolong the age of growth. - Charles Eisenstein

2.  I disagree with those environmentalists who say we are going to have to make do with less. In fact we are going to make do with more more beauty more community more fulfillment more art more music and material objects that are fewer in number but superior in utility and aesthetics. The cheap stuff that fills our lives today however great its quantity can only cheapen life. - Charles Eisenstein

3.  A good time to do nothing is any time you feel stuck. I have done a lot of nothing in the writing of this book. For several days I was trying to write the conclusion spinning my wheels turning out tawdry rehashes of earlier material. The more I did the worse it got. So I finally gave up the effort and just sat there on the couch a baby strapped to my chest mentally traveling through the book I had written but with no agenda whatever of figuring out what to write. It was from that empty place that the conclusion arose unbidden. - Charles Eisenstein

4.  Money can buy songs but not a song sung specifically to you. Even if you hire a band to play in your home there is no guarantee no matter how much you pay that they will really sing to you and not just pretend to. If your mother sang you lullabies or if you have ever been serenaded by a lover you know what I am talking about and how deep a need it fills. Sometimes it even happens at a concert when the band isnt just putting on an act but is actually playing for that audience or really to that audience. Each such performance is unique and its special magical quality vanishes in recording. You had to be there. True we may pay money to attend such an event but we receive more than we paid for when the band is truly playing to us. We do not feel that the transaction is complete and closed that all obligations are canceled out as in a pure money transaction. We feel a lingering connection because a giving has transpired. No life can be rich without such experiences which might ride the vehicle of money transactions but which no amount of money can guarantee. - Charles Eisenstein

5.  When we are in service to something that is real when we speak of it our words have power. Others can feel its reality too. That is why some people have the seemingly magical ability to speak things into existence. When they say such-and-such is going to happen everyone believes it is going to happen even if its happening depends on everyone believing it will happen. - Charles Eisenstein

6.  But there is more to the story. A vein runs through spiritual tradition that says that we too give back to the sun indeed that the sun only continues to shine through our gratitude. Ancient sun rituals werent only to thank the sun they were to keep it shining. Solar energy is the light of earthly love reflected back at us. Here too the circle of the gift operates. We are not separate from even the sun which is why perhaps we can sometimes feel an inner sun shining from within us irradiating all others with the warmth and light of generosity. - Charles Eisenstein

7.  A sacred way of life connects us to the people and places around us. That means that a sacred economy must be in large part a local economy in which we have multidimensional personal relationships with the land and people who meet our needs and whose needs we meet in turn. Otherwise we suffer a divide between the social and the material in which our social relationships lack substance and in which our economic relationships are impersonal. It is inevitable when we purchase generic services from distant strangers and standardized products from distant lands that we feel a loss of connection an alienation and a sense that we like the things we buy are replaceable. To the extent that what we provide is standard and impersonal we are replaceable. - Charles Eisenstein

8.  When I say that extraordinary individual gifts will turn toward the benefit of all some readers might protest But shouldnt individual excellence be rewarded Conservative friends in particular are immediately suspicious of my ideas supposing that they entail the subsumption of the individual. They think that in a system that discourages accumulation and turns excellence toward the benefit of all there would be no incentive or reward for greatness. Meanwhile the traditional Left accepts the same basic premises differing only in the conviction that the subsumption of the individual is good and necessary. In this view a virtuous person labors in noble self-sacrifice for the common good spurning any reciprocation or reward. Both of these views come from the paradigm of separation that holds that more for you is less for me. More for the group is less for the individual. But in gift culture that is simply untrue. A great giver of precious gifts can ascend to the highest pinnacle of honor and enjoy all that is within the power of human beings to bestow. Such is the nature and the power of gratitude. Unfortunately the intuitions of gift culture are alien to us now for though they live deeply in our hearts they are absent from the economic and ideological structures of our society. - Charles Eisenstein

9.  We are here to create something beautiful I call it the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible. As the truth of that sinks in deeper and deeper and as the convergence of crises pushes us out of the old world inevitably more and more people will live from that truth the truth that more for you is not less for me the truth that what I do unto you so I do unto myself the truth of living to give what you can and take what you need. We can start doing it right now. We are afraid but when we do it for real the world meets our needs and more. We then find that the story of Separation embodied in the money we have known is not true and never was. Yet the last ten millennia were not in vain. Sometimes it is necessary to live a lie to its fullest before we are ready to take the next step into the truth. The lie of separation in the age of usury is now complete. We have explored its fullness its farthest extremes and seen all it has wrought the deserts and the prisons the concentration camps and the wars the wastage of the good the true and the beautiful. Now the capacities we have developed through this long journey of ascent will serve us well in the imminent Age of Reunion. - Charles Eisenstein

10.  You can see how pervasive gift refusal is in our culture and how much relearning there is to do. Much of what goes by the name of modesty or humility is actually a refusal of ties a distancing from others a refusal to receive. We are as afraid to receive as we are to give indeed we are incapable of doing one without the other. We may imagine ourselves as selfless and virtuous for being more willing to give than to receive but this state is just as miserly as its reverse for without receiving the wellspring of our own gifts dries up. Not only is it miserly it is arrogant What do we imagine to be the source of what we give Ourselves No. Life itself is a gift life and all that nurtures it from mother and father to the entire ecosystem. None were created through our own efforts. The same goes for our creative abilities physical and mental which some intuiting this truth might call God-given. - Charles Eisenstein

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