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Generate random dares with the Truth or Dare Generator. Great for daring your friends or playing truth or dare.

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Truth or Dare Generator Overview

The truth or dare generator generates a list of random truths and dares from our huge database of truths and dares.

How to Generate a Truth or Dare

Hit the Generate button to generate a list of truths and dares you can try.

Truth or Dare API

Do you want to have Truth or Dare random content on your website, blog or app with our API? Check out the Truth or Dare API

Top 10 Truth or Dares

This is a list of the top 10 Truth or Dares for 2021.

1. Sing like an opera singer.

2. Let someone wax your back.

3. Chug a cup of milk.

4. Go outside and pick exactly 40 blades of grass with a pair of tweezers.

5. Exchange shirts with the player to your right.

6. Act like an animal of the group’s choosing.

7. Go next door with a measuring cup and ask for a cup of sugar.

8. Hold hands with the person to your left for the rest of the game.

9. Get on your knees and walk like that until the end of the game.

10. For the next 15 minutes, everything you say must be spoken in baby talk.

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