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Generate a random excuse as to why you are not going to work today. Perfect for a sick day excuse or any other reason you don't want to go to work. The ultimate and believable generator of excuses to miss work.

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Work Excuse Generator Overview

Do you want a lazy day, sick of work or just need a break? Well, this is the perfect work skipping tool for you. The work excuse generator creates some amazing excuses you can use if you don't want to go to work. With an endless database of proven to work excuses for not going to work you are in safe hands. Let's get lazy!!

How to Generate a Work Excuse

Hit the generate button to generate a random work excuse. You can use the Sets option to choose how many work excuses you want to generate. When you have found the perfect list of work excuses that will fool your boss, hit the Copy button to copy them to your device clipboard. Don't forget to share the excuse generator on social media with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest social media sharing buttons.

Work Excuse API

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Tips on How to Call in Sick to Work

1. Practice your "sick-voice" before calling your boss so you sound authentic.
2. Call early before anyone has got into work so that you can leave your message on the supervisor's voice-mail.
3. Make your sick call as short as possible. The longer you talk, the more likely you will "slip up".
4. Be careful not to be sick on too many Fridays or Mondays in a row or at all if possible.
5. Your sick day will appear more authentic if it is done in the middle of the week and for more than one day at a time.
6. On your sick day, turn your mobile off whenever you are away from home. A voicemail is more convincing than an endless ring, should work call you.
7. On returning to work, act lethargic for the first few hours and leave some headache pills lying around your desk

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