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Generate a funny random IT Support response with the IT Support Generator. Amaze your friends and terrify your customers with extremely bad diagnostics and even worst advice provided by our team of dysfunctional support experts. Inspired by the Bastard Operator from Hell (BOFH)

Warning - The IT Support Generator is for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt any IT support advice provided by the generator. At best you will destroy your computer, at worst you will probably be blown up, electrocuted or set on fire. The warning also applies to the providing of generated advice to your customers.

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IT Support Generator Overview

The IT Support Generator generates funny random responses that typically might come from IT support. The generator provides the root cause of the problem and a recommended solution. All suggested are by our team of fictitious support engineers. The advice given is perfect for destroying any desktop or laptop and drive the user insane. All support advice has been provided by clinically insane AI support experts who are trained to provide the worst possible support advice ever.

How to Generate a IT Support

Hit the Generate button to generate a random IT Support response. You can control how many sets of bad IT support advice are generated by using the Sets option. When you are happy with the generated IT Support solutions, hit the Copy button to copy the advice to your device.

IT Support API

Do you want to have IT Support random content on your website, blog or app with our API? Check out the IT Support API

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