Humor Generators 

About the Humor Generators

The humor generators generate random jokes, puns, insults and swear words. These are great generators for those with a sense of humor and like to joke. We have a joke generator, lorem ipsum generator and more. Find original funny jokes and cool humor from comedians such as Monty Python. Each random joke generator produces a list of jokes you can share and download. Pick the perfect generator from the list of joke categories. Many of the jokes and humor are popular in pop culture and perfect for the design of your next party.

Generated Humor for Business

If you are a designer and are looking to add funny resources to a client website then these are some great humor generation tools for you. There is a range of topic specific funny jokes such as knock knock jokes, hairline jokes and blonde jokes for content ideas. We also provide APIS into applications for those needs joke apis or humor apis to keep your client happy.

Humor AI

Using an extensive database of humor and joke we have conducted the analysis of what humor is and added what we call Computational Humor to our joke and humor generators. Each humor generator is a true generator of original content. Using the analysis of humor we can produce truly clever jokes.