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The Prophecy Generator generates a random prophecy that can be used in your fantasy RPG campaign. The prophecy generator was created to help you create a prophecy for your campaign or story. There are two types of prophecies, random and customized. When you're using the random prophecy type, the generator will generate a new one every time you refresh it; with the custom option, you can use the generator to create a specific prophecy for your campaign or story. The Prophecy generator currently can create over 388,112,159 unique results. That is over One Hundred Million unique and original Prophecys. Even more if you use a translator or the AI content rewriter.



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Prophecy Generator Overview

The random prophecy generator generates prophecies that a great for fun or fantasy settings.

How to Generate a Prophecy

Hit the generate button to generate a random fantasy prophecy.

Prophecy API

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Top 10 Prophecys

This is a list of the top 10 Prophecys for 2021.

1. Upon the day water rises to the sky the young brother bring forth a shift in power

2. When brothers clash the false prophet bring to life a new unity

3. Once the day is shortest a suspicious death usher forth the rise of two empires

4. The day the seas turn to ice two enemies usher forth a generation of health

5. Upon the day white smoke rises a broken man cause a strengthening of bonds

6. Upon the day the gray man returns a drunken fight awaken a change of leadership

7. When the moment comes that lightning strikes twice a surrender usher forth a world of darkness

8. Once winter turns to summer a breakdown mark an era of love

9. When the moment comes that temptation is too strong a forbidden relationship bring forth the destruction of culture

10. Upon the day rivers jog salty a miscommunication bring to life an eternal night

Prophecy Images

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