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With this Revenge Story Generator, you can generate random revenge stories. For example, a man's ex-girlfriend left him for his best friend and he wants to make her his. So he writes her a note and sets it on fire with the hope that she'll find it .In the heat of the moment, let's be honest: sometimes we want to take revenge on others. With the Revenge Story Generator, you can generate a random revenge story in seconds. Its easy-to-use interface will help you come up with great revenge stories for your blog, products, or brand.


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The Revenge Story generator generators random Revenge Story content.

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Top 10 Revenge Storys

This is a list of the top 10 Revenge Storys for 2021.

1.  I had spent a week moving every night after work. It was really hot. I moved all day Saturday and was driving down to clean my old apartment. A guy pulls up next to me. We are in dual left turn lanes. He is moving. The side door is open and I see computer disks, books etc. I say "excuse me sir ..." About to inform him of the impending disaster. Before I can say anything he yells "what the f do want" the light changes he takes off and I drive thru his possessions proving their is a god.

2.  I was at a waterfront bar that attracted a lot of college students for too-strong drinks. This d-bag picks a fight with a buddy of mine and at one point pulls out his BMW key saying "my car is worth more than your life". He puts his key on the bar and him and his friend go to the bathroom. I positioned the key precariously on the edge of the railing. He comes back and grabs his drink, which knocks the key off the railing of the dock into the deep water. Those keys are not cheap to replace.

3.  She cheated on me with my best friend, who unbeknownst to her has herpes. That was all the revenge I needed.

4.  My wife is very picky about the mugs she has for different hot drinks: Tall mugs for coffee, wide mugs for tea, dainty cups for fruit teas. When she's being irritating and asks for a cuppa she gets very plain, boring builders mugs and I joy at the gentle irritation it brings.

5.  New Jersey drivers are notorious for laying on the horn less than a second after the light turns green. I started stopping my car and going back to ask them what they wanted...

6.  Once, in first grade, I took off my shoe because I had a rock in it. Fo no reason other than this kid was a huge asshole, the class jerk stole it and took of running. I chase after him and he eventually throws my shoe down a hill into a field of tall grass and just looks at me with a huge shiteating grin. In a badass stonecold firstgrade timbre I say: "Go find it" and shove him down the hill into the grass after it. He starts crying and we run to the teacher. After explaining what happened she made him go into the field and find my shoe. He crawled through the grass for about an hour before it finaly turned up.

7.  I got turned down, by the manager, at a job interview for team member at Dominos because of my stubble facial hair. Weeks later I order from that same Dominos, and that same manager is the one who delivers my order, which is around $25, and I couldn't help but notice he has stubble facial hair ... So I gave him no tip, and told him the exact same thing he told me .. It's not exactly like this, but something similar "Why do you have all that facial hair? Do you think customers wanna see that? Anyways, I won't be giving you a tip this time. Maybe when I order again, I'll be giving you a tip. But of course, remember to shave". EDIT: He looked at me with one of those "Can't believe this shit" expression while having a slight smirk on his face. He snatched the receipt out of my hand once I gave it back to him.

8.  Worst boss all hated including the security guard. I just came back from surgery and she asked me to get up and hang a picture. I felt light headed and fell. The stitching spot bled. She drive me to the ER. Stayed only till she got confirmation from the Dr. that all was okay. She left and said your wife can pick you. I placed an ad for sale on her car w/ her name and the Regional Mgr's proceed #. The Mgr told her to cancel it - she couldn't. They got calls all day for a week. She got reassignd

9.  So I posted on here a little while ago about my room mate using up all my baby wipes and he said to me he would stop. Well the past 2 days he started doing it again along with using my tooth paste and not even f*cking being kind enough to put the cap back on after using it. So I confronted him about this AGAIN and he said "Whatever I don't give a shit, hide it somewhere then". Nah... nah I will keep it there, I have an idea. A couple days ago he said he has a girl coming over and would like to get some action and leave him alone. I said OK no worries. So about an hour before she came over I pretended to leave and said I am heading out for the night. 5 minutes later I snuck back in while he was making dinner for the both of them. I got to my room and hid in there knowing that for a fact at some point in the night she would ask to use the bathroom, and I needed to take a shit. So 45 minutes goes by and she arrived and I am just waiting. About 2 hours after she gets there I hear him go take a piss. AH perfect! he went first! Now time to take a big fat f*cking shit. I run into the bathroom and crap as quiet as I possibly can. A huge load. And I don't flush or put the lid down. I go back to my room and wait. I stare at the clock and sit there giggling like Quagmire, exactly 28 minutes go by and whoooop There she goes, into the bathroom. She was in there for exactly 6 seconds and came out. 7 minutes later she leaves. Guess who isn't getting any pussy.

10.  My parents told me when I was 4 years old, my older sister had thrown my new toy truck over the fence intentionally. My dad said he then watched me go into the fridge, grab my sisters cup of juice and mix it with ketchup, mayonnaise, salt, some banana that I had chewed up already, and a whole lot of spit. After that my dad told me I walked into her room and handed her the cup and said (with the lisp i once had) "I forgive you sissy"

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