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Generate original theories about Flat Earth with the Flat Earth Theory Generator. The Flat Earth Theory Generator creates unique theories about why the earth is flat attempting to support its theories with some interesting attempts at science. Amaze your flat earth friends with new and exciting ideas about why the earth is flat. Every theory is unique and original. This is a fun tool that creates hilarious content about flat earth theory. While the intent is humourous it is interesting how accurate sounding the generated theories are when compared to actual content from flat earth advocates.

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    Flat Earth Theory Generator Overview

    The Flat Earth Theory Generator uses a vast library of flat earth theories as a basis to generate new theories about flat earth. This includes theories about the horizon, gravity, NASA and religious views on the flat earth. Once the generator has formulated a new theory about the flat earth it then attributes the theory to a generated flat earth scientist with generated credentials from a generated university. The feasible sounding theories are created using an AI generator that analyzes existing flat earth theories and then attempts to create new and original theories.

    How to Generate a Flat Earth Theory

    Using the Flat Earth Theory Generator is simple. You just hit the generate button and the AI technology will formulate a completely new and original flat earth theory. When you are happy with the original theory you want you can then use the Copy button to copy the theory content to your clipboard on your device. You also have the option to share your newly generated theory on social media with social media sharing buttons.

    Flat Earth Theory API

    Do you want to have Flat Earth Theory random content on your website, blog or app with our API? Check out the Flat Earth Theory API

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