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Crazy Idea Generator is a unique content generation tool that helps content marketers brainstorm new ideas and develop blog posts, emails, ad campaigns, and more. Create ideas that get your audience's attention and quickly produce content that starts conversations. "Crazy" doesn't have to be a bad thing. Now, generate your own random and creative content with the Crazy Idea Generator! Now you can improve your brainstorming, ideation, and other brainstorming sessions.


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Crazy Idea Generator Overview

The Crazy Idea generator generators random Crazy Idea content.

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Top 10 Crazy Ideas

This is a list of the top 10 Crazy Ideas for 2021.

1.  A waterpark for adults only. More extreme slides. A wave pool that has huge waves. Alcohol everywhere. And a normal lazy river.

2.  Give an active user a "virus" trophy. Whenever they respond to another users remark or a user respond to theirs, spread the "virus" by giving that user a trophy as well. See if "Patient Zero" can be identified before 99% of the active population is "infected".

3.  After a government shutdown all active members of congress should be ineligible for reelection.

4.  Pet stores should have an empty reptile cage labeled "chameleon" to see how long people will stand and look.

5.  Netflix should buy a large movie theater chain. Rename it Netflix. Free admission for Netflix subscribers, otherwise tickets are $5. Popcorn and Soda sold at cost.

6.  They should have a TV show called "Help, I'm Wasting My Life" where relatively smart, talented people who are doing nothing useful with their skills are given life makeovers and useful jobs.

7.  Pick a stranger and follow them around all day. If confronted, justify you're not stalking them, you're honest practicing stalking someone else and desire to make sure you do it right.

8.  The US should invade the US, setup a framework for Democracy, and rebuild infrastructure.

9.  Transcribe everything the crazy guy on the street corner yells out, then post it on Twitter. When the account gets replies, yell it back at the crazy guy.

10.  Make ten movies from the same script, but use ten different directors, cast and crew. Release them all on the same day.

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