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Are you a fan of British comedian Bill Bailey and his witty and insightful humor? Look no further than the Bill Bailey Quote Generator! This innovative content generator is designed to provide you with a steady stream of hilarious and thought-provoking quotes from the comedy legend himself. With the Bill Bailey Quote Generator, you can easily access a curated collection of some of Bill Bailey's most iconic one-liners, puns, and musings. Whether you need a pick-me-up, a dose of laughter, or just some quirky words of wisdom, this generator has you covered. From his unique observations on everyday life to his clever wordplay and surreal humor, the Bill Bailey Quote Generator captures the essence of this beloved comedian's comedic genius. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to his work, this generator is sure to entertain and inspire with its endless reservoir of memorable quotes. So why wait? Dive into the world of Bill Bailey's humor today with the Bill Bailey Quote Generator! The Bill Bailey Quote Generator was last updated Apr-03-2024.

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- For fictional Bill Bailey Quote content Rytr is perfect for making up original AI Bill Bailey Quote material using GPT-3.
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- Need to convert Bill Bailey Quote generated content to video with AI real voices? Head over to Pictory.
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Top 10 Bill Bailey Quotes

This is a list of the top 10 Bill Bailey Quotes for 2024. | "Two solipsists walk into a bar, and one says to the other..." - Bill Bailey | Beautiful ladies in danger. Danger all around the world. But I will protect them, because I am Chris de Burgh! Beautiful ladies in emergency situations. Beautiful ladies are lovely but sometimes they don't take care They're too busy with their makeup and combing their lovely hair To take basic safety precautions But I will protect them I will save the pretty ones With their smiles and their beautiful eyes But let the ugly ones die I have no place for them in my new world order I won't waste my seed on hideous trolls Kill kill kill kill kill the trolls hunt them down there shall be no clemency Kill kill kill kill kill the trolls Look under the bridges that's where they hide That's where they hide And beauty shall be my bride. (Bewilderness) - Bill Bailey | "Not even De Burgh can do the west country, not even De Burgh, not even the monobrowed purveyor of ultimate filth 'I drove my tractor through your haystack last night, ooh arr ooh arr'." - Bill Bailey | (On bizarre Conspiracy Theories) - Countries are actually closer than you think...Pilots just fly aeroplanes around longer to make you THINK they're far away - There are tiny cameras in ham...They're called 'Hameras' - Bill Bailey | "I'm English, and as such I crave disappointment. That's why I buy Kinder Surprise. Horrible chocolate; nasty little toy: a double-whammy of disillusionment! Sometimes I eat the toy out of sheer despair. I call them the Eggs Of Numbing Inevitability. And when I buy them, I always ask for them in the third person: "Bill Bailey would like the Eggs Of Numbing Inevitability." I did that the other day and it answered me back, and he said to me: "No, I am Bill Bailey. You are not Bill Bailey, you are just a mere doppelganger. I am the true Bill Bailey, in another dimension." And I went, "Oh, I hadn't planned on that." Then I thought the only way to solve this, I have to run at my doppelganger, then we will be fused forever. So I ran full-tilt at it, and just before I got there I realised it was the highly polished side of the cheese counter." - Bill Bailey | C'est lui, dans la nuit- Docteur Qui Il voyage dans le Tardis. La boite de telephone fantastique d'espace! L'interieur est beaucoup plus grand que l'exterieur Et a, c'est le mystere de Docteur Qui L'enemie, il s'appele Davros, le capitain des Daleks Il est demi-Dalek et demi-homme- incroyable! Il veut contrôler le monde, toujours contrôler le monde Il se leve le matin, il veut contrôler le monde! Apres le petit-dejeuner, il veut contrôler le monde! Mais il ne contrôle le monde jamais! Ce n'est pas tres realistique Avec les Daleks, le Docteur est superieur. "Exterminez-vous! Exterminez-vous encore! Ah, zut alors! Nous sommes perdus!" Le docteur gagne, il rit 'Ha, ha, ha- j'ai gagné parce que je suis Docteur Qui (Translation: It's him, in the night- Doctor Who. He travels in the Tardis, the fantastic space telephone box. The interior is much larger than the exterior And that is the mystery of Doctor Who The enemy, he's called Davros, the captain of the Daleks. He's half-Dalek, half-man- incredible! He wants to control the world, always control the world He wakes up in the morning, he wants to control the world After breakfast, he wants to control the world! But he never controls the world- it's not very realistic. With Daleks, the Doctor is superior. "Exterminate! Exterminate again! Oh, no! We are lost!" The doctor wins, he laughs 'Ha ha ha- I won because I am Doctor Who) (Dr. Qui?) - Bill Bailey | "Juxtaposition, you can't handle the juxtaposition!" - Bill Bailey | "I'm a vegetarian, I'm not strict. I eat fish. And duck, but they're nearly fish aren't they." - Bill Bailey | "Creationists mainly are Americans who think the world was created in 1982 to coincide with the rise of Supertramp, but you can very easily dispute this by playing some of Supertramp's earlier albums." - Bill Bailey | (Commenting on band The Killers' lyrics from the song 'All These Things I've Done') Deep down, it really is just a meaningless lyric, isn't it? [Sings] "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier". I mean, you may as well be saying "I got ham, but I'm not a hamster" - Bill Bailey

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